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NASC Stock Detail Page

NASC ID: N3422

Name: Redei line

ABRC stock number: CS3422

Description: Colour, Form, Biochemical

Donation Date: 1993-06-01

Donated by:  University of Missouri George Redei

Stock type: individual line

Material type: seed

Status Price (£)
Available £10.00

Germplasm Info

Seed type: Mutant

Mutagen: ionizing radiation

Background: Enkheim

Growth requirement: Include 3mM L-leucine in watering solution, supplementation can be initiated at planting and applied once per week.




leaky; yellow, small plants; responds favourably to leucine especially in presence of nitrate as the nitrogen source.

Ontology annotation using Plant Ontology (PO) and PATO

Select the plant ontology term to see other Arabidopsis lines associated with this phenotype.

Entity Value
whole plant YellowValue (PATO:0000324)
whole plant SmallSizeValue (PATO:0000587)