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NASC ID: N783000

Name: Complete set of 222 Ler x Fei-0 lines + 2 parental lines.

ABRC stock number: CS783000

Description: Set includes 222 F10 recombinant inbred lines derived from the cross Ler (female) and Fei-0 (male) and the 2 parental lines. Vegetative growth and flowering initiation are two crucial developmental processes in the life cycle of annual plants that are closely associated. The timing of both processes affects several presumed adaptive traits, such as flowering time (FT), total leaf number (TLN), or the rate of leaf production (RLP). However, the interactions among these complex processes and traits, and their mechanistic bases, remain largely unknown. To determine the genetic relationships between them, the natural genetic variation between A. thaliana accessions Fei-0 and Ler has been studied using a new population of 222 LerxFei-0 recombinant inbred lines

Donation Date: 2010-03-22

Donated by:  Centro Nacional de Biotecnologia (CNB) - CSIC Carlos Alonso-Blanco

Stock type: set (View set contents)

Material type: seed

Comment: Single seed descent up to F8, bulked seeds of F9 plants (F10 seeds). For more information see the website www.cnb.csic.es/content/research/plantmolgenetics/plantvariation/index.php

Status Price (£)
Available £330.00

Germplasm Info

Seed type: Recombinant inbred line

Background: Ler (N9994), Fei-0 (N9995)

Pedigree: Ler x Fei-0