Dear Arabidians

Welcome to the first issue of Weeds World! The new newsletter for the international Arabidopsis Community. We have established the newsletter to try to promote the circulation of information amongst the Arabidopsis community beyond the bounds of the International Arabidopsis Bulletin Board, arab-gen.

Weeds World will be produced three times a year and will be available from three WWW servers, one at Nottingham, UK, the AAtDB WWW server and the Agricultural Genome WWW Server National Agricultural Library - USDA. Please connect to the server nearest to you, it will give you the fastest connection times. In addition, the newsletter will be WAIS indexed by John Morris and held on the Gopher server, the AAtDB Research Companion at MGH, Boston, so that it can be searched in the same way as you can currently search AAtDB , the arab-gen bulletin board postings. Future issues of the newsletter will also be marked up and linked as far as possible to one another for easy tracking of scientific developments.

Mosaic and other clients for the World Wide Web allow you to choose a font with which to view a document. Weeds World can be viewed with any font, but we suggest New Century. This is a good choice for distinguishing different markup elements like bold and italics.

I have had some queries asking whether items submitted to Weeds World may encounter difficulties if they are subsequently submitted for publication in standard journals. As far as we are aware this should not prove to be a problem, as this is not a refereed journal and publications here are akin to an abstract publication for a conference. In order to confirm this I have contacted all the major journals to ask them to clarify the situation. I am awaiting their reply. All copyright for items published in Weeds World remains with the authors.

We hope you enjoy this first edition of Weeds World and find it informative. In order for it to be of maximum use to the international Arabidopsis community we rely on your support in the form of submissions to future editions.

To send your contribution to the next edition please read these instructions.

The next deadline for submissions is February 28th 1995

If you do print off a hard copy please feel free to circulate it amongst your colleagues, especially if they do not have access to the Internet. The best results will be obtained by printing from the World Wide Web, but a plain text version of the Newsletter is also available on the AAtDB Research Companion at MGH, Boston.