Randy Scholl and Keith Davis

Our 1995 Seed and DNA Stock List has been mailed, and we have received many orders for the new stocks. If you did not receive a copy of this catalog and would like to have one, just send us an email message. The information for these new stocks has been added to AIMS, and the stocks can be ordered through the Web server . Images for many of the new seed stocks are available in AIMS, and new images are being added to the database on a regular basis.

Donations of new seed and DNA stocks are always welcome. This is an especially good time for seed donations since adequate time exists for seed bulking and stock characterization before the next catalog is published. We are currently preparing to send letters to individuals possessing published mutant lines which have not previously been donated.

You have probably heard from past Weeds World issues and Arabidopsis newsgroup communications that the Creelman-Wing TAM bacterial artificial chromosome library is currently available and that the P1 library from Mitsui Plant Biotechnology and the CIC YAC library from CNRS have been received and are being prepared for distribution. These will be distributed mainly as filters with individual colonies being sent following initial probing of the filters. The complete P1 and CIC library will be available on a limited basis by special request. The complete BAC library is available only from the donors. Since these libraries are being replicated and blotted to filters outside the Center (by the originators in the case of the BAC and commercially for P1 and CIC), the modest cost of this process will be passed on to the recipients. One P1 filter will cost $150-300, and $25 is being charged for the BAC filters. The price of the CIC library filters has not yet been determined. An appropriate charge will be levied for shipping of the entire CIC and P1 libraries as clones.

We are beginning to prepare to our renewal submission for continued funding to the National Science Foundation, as the initial 5-year grant ends August 31, 1996. As a part of this submission we will document the usage of our stocks by the scientific community. Consequently, we request that investigators who have published papers utilizing ABRC stocks send reprints of these to us (at the address below). Citations would be acceptable if the reprint cannot be supplied. Also, it is important that you let us know at this time what services you would like to see maintained or upgraded, as well as any new services that you would like us to implement.

We just completed our third full year of sending stocks. From June 1, 1994 to May 15, 1995 1000 seed orders and 1200 DNA orders were filled. A total of 5,000 DNA stocks and 34,000 seed stocks were shipped. Included in the DNA total are a number of complete YAC library orders and filter sets. We are grateful to all researchers who have ordered stocks and made new donations. We are always receptive to suggestions about our stocks, procedures and services. Stock orders, donations and other communications can be sent to the appropriate contacts below.

ABRC Contacts:

        mail:   Arabidopsis Biological Resource Center
                The Ohio State University
                1735 Neil Avenue, 309 Botany & Zoology Bldg.
                Columbus, OH 43210

Telephone Numbers
  Main number:  614-292-9371    (seed ordering information)
 Randy Scholl:  614-292-1982    (for general and seed-related questions)
  Keith Davis:  614-292-2115    (for DNA-related questions)
                fax:    614-292-0603

       e-mail:  arabidopsis+@osu.edu
e-mail orders:  seeds@genesys.cps.msu.edu (for seed orders)
                dna@genesys.cps.msu.edu (for DNA orders)

          on-line:Orders may be placed through AIMS.  For instructions send
an e-mail message to: inquire-aims@genesys.cps.msu.edu.  The address of the 
AIMS Web server is http://genesys.cps.msu.edu:3333