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(2)NASC, Dept Life Science, Nottingham University, Nottingham, NG7 2RD, UK.
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The stock centers have been working hard in the past few months to add new stocks to the collections. Many new seed stocks and clones have been received recently. In this connection a seed donation campaign, conducted jointly by ABRC and NASC, is in progress. Hence, this update will be devoted mainly to the topic of new seed donations.

Campaign for donation of new published mutants

Letters were recently sent to all senior authors known to have published papers describing new mutants or other lines. A number of these individuals have responded with some interesting donations. We would like to remind those that have not responded that now is an excellent time to send donations to the centers. Seeds can be sent to either ABRC or NASC. For those who might have other published seed stocks, we offer apologies and assurance that we would be delighted to also receive your lines.

The stocks received to date (combined for ABRC and NASC) are listed below.

New Stocks received by ABRC or NASC

Description     			Donor
aba-1, ga1-3    			R. Wilson
adh     				R. Wilson
adh, py-201     			R. Wilson
adh1    				R. Dolferus
adh1    				R. Dolferus
an      				R. Wilson
axr4-1  				L. Hobbie
axr4-2  				L. Hobbie
axr4-2, aux1-7  			L. Hobbie
axr4-2, axr1-3  			L. Hobbie
axr4-2, axr1-12 			L. Hobbie
clv3-2  				D. Smyth
ctr1-1  				J. Ecker
cyr1    				J. Deikman
dim1-1  				T. Takahashi
ein3-1  				J. Ecker
ein4    				J. Ecker
ein5-1  				J. Ecker
ein6    				J. Ecker
ein7    				J. Ecker
eir1-1  				J. Ecker
eto2    				J. Ecker
eto3    				J. Ecker
fad2-1  				C. Somerville
fad2-1  				J. Browse
fad3# (transgenic)      		C. Somerville
fad3-2  				C. Somerville
fad7 fad8       			C. Somerville
fad7-2  				J. Browse
fey-1   				J. Medford
fus3-3  				P. McCourt
fus 4-1  				S.Misera
fus5-1  				S.Misera
fus11-1  				S.Misera
fus12-1  				S.Misera
gai, an 				R. Wilson
gai, py-201     			R. Wilson
gar1, gai, an   			R. Wilson
gar2, gai, an   			R. Wilson
gar3, gai, an   			R. Wilson
gar4, gai, an   			R. Wilson
gar5, gai, an   			R. Wilson
gar6, gai, an   			R. Wilson
gar7, gai, an   			R. Wilson
gar8, gai, an   			R. Wilson
gar9, gai, an   			R. Wilson
gar10, gai, an  			R. Wilson
gar11, gai, an  			R. Wilson
gar12, gai, an  			R. Wilson
gar13, gai, an  			R. Wilson
gar14, gai, an  			R. Wilson
gar15, gai, an  			R. Wilson
gar16, gai, an  			R. Wilson
gar17, gai, an  			R. Wilson
gld     				C. Somerville
ilr1-1  				B. Bartel
jar1-1  				P. Staswick
lec1-1  				D. Meinke
lug-1   				Z. Liu
phyB overex.(transgenic)        	D. Wagner
pid-1   				D. Smyth
pid-2   				D. Smyth
pid-3   				D. Smyth
pin-1   				D. Smyth
pfl  					M. Van Lijsebettens 
qrt1-1  				D. Preuss
qrt2-1  				D. Preuss
spy-5   				R. Wilson
stm, gl1        			C. Somerville
stp1    				T. Baskin
ts4					C. Somerville

Ac/Ds lines:
Ac1 (Stock# CS8043)     		V. Sundaresan
Ac2 (Stock# CS8044)     		V. Sundaresan
Ac5 (Stock# CS8045)     		V. Sundaresan
DsE1 (Stock# CS8046)    		V. Sundaresan
DsE2 (Stock# CS8047)    		V. Sundaresan
DsE3 (Stock# CS8048)    		V. Sundaresan
DsG1 (Stock# CS8049)    		V. Sundaresan

Ac Lines:
SPT :: Ac(Bg) ->        - 6 		C.Dean
SPT :: Ac(Bg) ->        - 7 		C.Dean
SPT :: Ac ->            - 1 		C.Dean
SPT :: Ac ->            -10 		C.Dean
SPT :: Ac ->            -15 		C.Dean
SPT :: Ac Nae1 ->       - 2 		C.Dean
SPT :: Ac Nae1 ->       - 3 		C.Dean
SPT :: Ac Nae1 <-       - 3 		C.Dean
SPT :: Ac Nae1 <-       -10 		C.Dean

Buckhorn Pass ecotype   		A. Murphy
Berkeley ecotype        		A. Murphy
Santa Clara ecotype     		A. Murphy
Limeport ecotype        		A. Murphy

Tol-0 ecotype  				S. Leisner
Tol-1 ecotype  				S. Leisner
Tol-2 ecotype  				S. Leisner
Tol-3 ecotype  				S. Leisner
Tol-4 ecotype  				S. Leisner
Tol-5 ecotype  				S. Leisner
Tol-6 ecotype  				S. Leisner
Tol-7 ecotype  				S. Leisner
Tol-8 ecotype  				S. Leisner
Tol-9 ecotype  				S. Leisner

Arabidopsis himalaica   		H. Tsukaya

100 RI Lines Col-5 X Nd-1 		E. Holub, J. Beynon, I. Crute
NOTE that these stocks are not currently available - with one exception. The ABRC has accelerated the release process with the Ac/Ds stocks donated by Dr. Sundaresan, and these may be ordered from ABRC immediately. Many of the remainder will be available very soon. We will post notices to the Arabidopsis newsgroup when this occurs.

We greatly appreciate the generosity of the donors in sharing their stocks. We hope that the cooperative spirit evidenced by these donations will continue.

Ac and Ds lines with gene trap and promoter trap constructs

These stocks have all been transformed with Ds elements containing promoter trap or gene trap constructs or immobilized Ac elements. As with other transposon tagging systems the appropriate Ac-carrying line is crossed to Ds plants to induce the Ds to transpose. The Ac lines carry transposase genes linked to a 35S CaMV promoter so that the Ds excision rate is very high. The promoter or gene trap constructs of the Ds lines utilize a b-glucuronidase coding region so that tissues in which expression of the gene has been activated by the transposition event can be visualized readily. In addition, a selection scheme is incorporated into this system which allows transpositions near the initial Ds site to be excluded, and the resulting populations of transposition lines are enriched for unlinked and loosely linked locations. This system represents a potentially important new tool for gene cloning and expression study. Please consult the original publication for details of the system and individual lines, including maps of the constructs for all of the stocks (Sundaresan, et al., 1995. Genes & Development 9:1797-1810).

Other Ac lines have been donated by Caroline Dean. These lines were produced by introducing the maize element Ac into Landsberg erecta by Agrobacterium - mediated transformation. The Ac element is inserted into the 5'untranslated leader of a streptomycin phosphotransferase (SPT) gene (Dean et al [1992] Plant Journal 2, 69-81). SPT::Ac -> lines contain the wild type Ac in the same orientation as the SPT gene. In SPT::Ac (BG)-> lines the Ac element has a Bgl 11 restriction site inserted downstream of the transposase polyadenylation site. Both these lines are homozygous for the T-DNA. The Nae1Ac lines contain an Ac derivative, lacking 537bp of the CpG-rich 5' untranslated leader of the transposase. These lines show a higher excision frequency and are described in Lawson et al [1994] Mgg 245, 608-615. Excision of the Ac element from the SPT gene results in resistance to streptomycin. Each Nae1 Ac line is selfed progeny from a highly variegated individual and should result in germinal excision events in the next generation.

More T-DNA tagged lines, please

NASC and ABRC are currently working to procure as many T-DNA tagged lines as possible. As published previously, lines from the INRA project and MOGEN have been donated to NASC, and it is hoped that these may be ready for distribution by mid-1996. In addition, the centers are currently seeking any substantial-sized groups of transformed lines to add to the collection. We hope to be able to accumulate in excess of 20,000 lines as rapidly as possible so that individuals wishing to screen these lines may have the highest possible probability of finding the desired, tagged gene that can be reasonably achieved. Any individual willing to donate such lines should contact Randy Scholl or Mary Anderson.

The ABRC has a large new collection of DNA stocks, including specifically large insert libraries and filters made from these. Consult previous issues of Weeds World for details of these stocks.

The Web pages of NASC (NASC) and AIMS) can be consulted for additional details of all available Arabidopsis stocks.