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INRA-Versailles lines become available

The first 1400 lines kindly donated by George Pelletier and Nicole Bechtold are now available from NASC. Detailed information about the individual lines, including segregation data, observed mutant phenotypes and GUS staining patterns are available from the NASC WWW server. The lines are available as pools of 20 lines or 100 lines.

Before seed can be sent to you it is necessary that the recipient sign a release agreement with INRA. The release form is available from the NASC server and can be printed out for signing. Simply place your order through the NASC server using the special order form for INRA lines (or whichever way you prefer to place orders), and mail or fax the agreement to NASC in order to receive the seeds. If you have problems getting the INRA release form through the WWW, contact NASC and a hard copy agreement will be mailed to you.

A detailed review of the generation and characterisation of these lines has been written by George Pelletier and Nicole Bechtold and is carried in a previous issue of Weeds World and is also carried alongside the information on the NASC server.

The stock code for the complete set of 20 pools is N5388.
The stock code for the complete set of 100 pools is N5389

We would encourage you where possible to order the pools of 100 lines.

NASC WWW server upgrade

First, I would like to introduce Mike Arnold, who has recently joined the NASC project. He will be responsible for the maintenance and development of the NASC WWW server. This part of our activities is EU funded and has allowed us to significantly upgrade to a new server. We have switched to the new machine and I hope that you will have already noticed that this allows a much better connection to our information services.

New developments to the WWW server are in progress and news of these will be posted to the arab-gen bulletin board and newsgroup. A full demonstration will be available at the upcoming Arabidopsis conference in June.