Steve Rounsley, Anna Glodek, Granger Sutton, Bob Shirley, Mark Adams, J. Craig Venter, and Anthony R. Kerlavage.

The Institute for Genomic Research,
9712 Medical Center Drive,
MD 20850,


EST background and considerations

Some background to the problems associated with handling EST sequence data, and explains some of the thinking behind producing assemblies for the ESTs.

The Assembly process

Some details about how the assembly process is performed.

The Arabidopsis assembly stat sheet.

A brief summary of what went in and what came out of the assembly process.

Tutorial to TIGR's AT EST database

The results of the assembly process are all available at TIGR's Arabidopsis database web site, which allows searching at several levels. The following few pages will take you through an example search, showing you the various pages you will come across while searching this database.


Connect to TIGR's AT EST database

Connect to the TIGR web server in Rockville, Maryland to carry out your own searches.

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