Weeds World Volume 3(iii)

ISSN 1358-6912

Editor: Mary Anderson, NASC, University of Nottingham, UK
WWW mirror site curator: David Flanders, Stanford AtDB Project
WWW mirror site curator: Doug Bigwood, Genome Informatics Group, NAL
Markup: Mike Arnold, NASC, University of Nottingham, UK

Comments to the editor
Mapping and Sequencing
The latest RI map using Lister and Dean RI lines
(pg 1-6)
Mapping and map interpretation - a learning experience
Mike Arnold and Mary Anderson.
(pg 7-8)
Stock Centre News
ABRC News Randy Scholl and Keith Davis. (pg 9-17)
NASC Update Mary Anderson (pg 18)
Positions Available
Graduate Assistantships at Purdue University (pg 19)
Dates for your Diary
European Symposium on Photomorphogenesis (pg 20-25)
Accommodation booking form
Registration form
Next deadline for submission is 2nd April 1997
How to submit information for publication Mary Anderson (pg 26)

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