How do I submit information?

How to format text files

Start each article with a title and the name and address of authors.
Arrange the text into clearly defined blocks of paragraphs.
If images or tables are to be included, please indicate where you wish them to be placed.

Articles will not be refereed but some editorial control will operate.

Please indicate whether you wish your piece to be considered for inclusion in the Plant Molecular Biology Reporter.

How to submit images

Images can only be accepted as image files (preferably GIF Files), the one exception being cartoon line drawings. If you wish to send an image and don't have a local computer guru to help prepare the file contact me at for help. Line drawings must be of high quality with thick lines and high contrast. Scanning is very labour intensive and we shall only be prepared to do one or two scans per edition, so try and send your pictures as image files, or make sure the line drawings will be straightforward for us to scan for you.

How to submit articles and images

Text files can be sent by email to, please put "Weeds World Article"in the subject line of the message. Try and keep as much formatting as you can when sending text files as this will make the production editors job much easier. If your article contains some fancy formatting, please send a hard copy of your article to :
Mary Anderson,
Nottingham Arabidopsis Stock Centre,
Dept of Life Science,
Nottingham University,
NG7 2RD,

Files can also be sent on disc (either Mac or PC compatible) along with a hard copy of your article to the address above. Sorry, but we will not be able to return discs.

For those of you who are comfortable with ftp, text and graphics files can be sent to by anonymous ftp. Put your information in the pub/incoming directory.