Weeds World Volume 4(ii)

ISSN 1358-6912

Editor: Mary Anderson, NASC, University of Nottingham, UK
WWW mirror site curator: David Flanders, Stanford AtDB Project
WWW mirror site curator: Genome Informatics Group, NAL
Markup: Mike Arnold, NASC, University of Nottingham, UK 
Comments to the editor 

A strategy involving the use of high redundancy YAC subclone libraries facilitates the contiguous representation in cosmid and BAC clones of 1.7 Mb of the genome of the plant Arabidopsis thaliana
Ian Bancroft, Karina Love, Elisabeth Bent, Sarah Sherson, Clare Lister, Christopher Cobbett, Howard Goodman and Caroline Dean
(pg 1-9)
Molecular and physical mapping of the lu-ttg region of Arabidopsis chromosome 5
Glenn Thorlby, Leonid Shlumukov, Igor Vizir, Cai Yun Yang, Bernard Mulligan and Zoe Wilson
(pg 10-21)
Latest Lister and Dean RI maps
(pg 22-32)
Conference Report
Report on the 8th International Arabidopsis Conference at Madison, Wisconsin.
(pg 33-49)
Meeting information-Dates for your Diary
Plant and Animal Genome VI meeting
(pg 50)
How to submit information for publication
Mary Anderson
(pg 51-52)

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