Help Page for New WeedsWorld Layout

With the continued improvement in WWW client technology we are now able to bring an improved version of WeedsWorld. As with the Nottingham Arabidopsis Stock Centre Home Page, we have used "FRAMES", although this time the screen is split horizontally. The Navigation bar is co-ordinated using Javascript, which is supported by Netscape. I am currently unaware of any other browsers which support frames but do not support Javascript. If you have difficulties with the Navigation bar; you can't see it, it doesn't work or you get strange error messages, then I'd like to hear from you. Email me at

The top frame contains a navigation bar with the following buttons.
Navigation buttons for WeedsWorld
This button always takes you back to the WeedsWorld Home Page
A contents page button. Selecting this button will take you to the contents page for the current issue of WeedsWorld.
This button always takes you directly to the NASC FTP server. From here you can download files relating to the Stock Centre and WeedsWorld.
This, and the right arrow, button are for navigating between the pages as if you were browsing the chapters in a book. The left arrow takes you to the previous article.
Some articles in WeedsWorld have a multi-document structure. This button takes you to the contents page in such cases, to the current WeedsWorld Volume contents page in all other cases.
The right arrow takes you to the next article. These are not the same as the BACK and the FORWARD buttons of the WWW client. The locations are set in the header of the incoming page, and as such are dictated by WeedsWorld editorial staff, not the WWW client.
This button contains a permanent link to email the editor of WeedsWorld. Pressing this will launch the browsers email window so you can send comments to the editors of WeedsWorld.
This button launches the help file you are now reading.
A copyright declaration regarding the articles published in WeedsWorld.

As you pass over each of the buttons, a short message is displayed in the status bar at the bottom of the browser. This gives some indication of the content of the next article. Other than the white backgrounds to the articles, which we feel makes the pages easier to read, there are no other changes to the layout of the newsletter.

Please feel free to comment on the changes, or anything else in WeedsWorld by pressing the mail button in the navigation bar.

This site is being developed for use using the latest in WWW client software, as described in this issue of WeedsWorld, and we recommend the use of Netscape Navigator version 2.0 or above for viewing these pages.