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NASC ID: N36798

Name: Yokoi/Koiwa/Bressan activation tagged

ABRC stock number: CS36798

Description: 100s set2 list

Donation Date: 2002-01-12

Donated by:  Texas A&M University Hisashi koiwa
Purdue University Ray Bressan
Purdue University Shuji Yokoi

Part of : Yokoi, Koiwa, Bressan lines

Stock type: pool

Material type: seed

Status Price (£)
Currently unavailable £11.00

Germplasm Info

Seed type: Activation tagged

Mutagen: T-DNA Insertion

Background: C24(N906)

Marker used: T-DNA marker=Kanamycin

Transformation method: Activation tagged lines obtained by vacuum infiltration transformation of C24 plants (already transformed with RD29A-LUC reporter gene and carry Kan resistance) with the pSKI15 vector from D. Weigel into which a luciferase-stress expression construct was inserted


Ishitani, M. et al. 1997. Genetic analysis of osmotic and cold stress signal transduction in Arabidopsis: interactions and convergence of abscisic acid-dependent and abscisic acid-independent pathways. The Plant Cell 9(11):1935-49.PubMed ID: 9401119.