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Arabidopsis genomics

Genome research using model systems has been adopted by plant and animal biologists to rapidly define genome architecture, gene function and aid the discovery of fundamental biology. Arabidopsis thaliana has become one of the most favoured model systems for the study of many aspects of plant metabolism, development and disease resistance.

Arabidopsis is a typical flowering plant but has special characteristics that recommend it as an ideal model for research. These include its small size, small genome size, prolific seed production and the diverse array of available mutations. The entire sequence of the genome for the Columbia ecotype of Arabidopsis was completed in December 2000. A second ecotype (Landsberg) was shotgun sequenced commercially at the same time and has provided a valuable comparison reference. Since that point, many different varieties (putative ecotypes) have been sequenced, making arabidopsis one of the best models for natural variation.

The principle behind using Arabidopsis is that information obtained from this model species can be applied to other flowering plants, including crops. Hence important problems faced by industry and agriculture can be addressed through translation of the knowledge base generated from Arabidopsis research.

Tackling genome research requires a scientific infrastructure to coordinate research and to centralise the provision of biological and information resources. NASC is involved in the provision of biological resources as the primary European Arabidopsis Seed Centre, and in the provision of information relating to our stocks and Arabidopsis genome information in general. NASC operates in parallel with the Arabidopsis Biological Resource Center (ABRC) at Ohio State, providing a safe repository for over half a million accessions and distributing this material to the scientific community. For details of the stocks we distribute, take a look at our NASC www server NASC currently distributes around 100,000 tubes of seed per year.

Please see our Wikipedia entry, our Twitter page (tweeting as @NascArabidopsis) and my OrcID profile.

Expanded details of the Group, Grants and Publications (including abstracts) are below.

Current Members of Group

Resource Centre

  • Marcos Castellanos (Senior Technical - NASC Operational Manager)

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  • Dan Edge
  • Emilio Aldorino
  • Emma Wigmore
  • Iqbal Khan
  • Linda Gillett
  • Nazia Nazar
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Grants Held

  1. BBSRC (BB/P024068/1): 2017 - 2021 The Nottingham Arabidopsis Stock Centre ( £1.325 Million (fec)

Older Grants, now finished

  • BBSRC (BB/J018961/1): 2012 - 2017 The germplasm service (NASC: V) £810,470
  • BBSRC (BB/L010100/1) [RA35ER]: 2014-2017 Arabidopsis Stock Centre Module (core bioinformatics grant) £638,396
  • EU FP7 (PGR-Secure): 2010-2014 (NASC part ~ £75K)
  • BBSRC (BBG01616X1): 2009-2014 BBSRC Centre For Sustainable Bioenergy (BSBEC): Programme 4: Lignocellulosic Conversion To Bioethanol (LACE) £5,349,450
  • BBSRC (BB/I001271/1): 2010-2013 (core bioinformatics grant) £975,991)
  • BBSRC (BBD0196131): 2006 - 2011 Centre for Plant Integrative Biology (CPIB) £9,177,261
  • BBSRC (BB/E022758/1): 2007 - 2012 Nottingham Arabidopsis Stock Centre IV (core germplasm grant) £1.46 Million
  • BBSRC (BBE01772X1): 2007 - 2010 GARNet III (core bioinformatics grant) £791,918
  • Horseracing Betting Levy Board (HBLB) 2008 - 2009
  • BBSRC (BBSB1356X): 2004 - 2009 UKcropnetIII £257,205
  • EU: 2006 - 2011 Agron-omics. 12.5 Million Euro- Theoretically we were part of this and were awarded the grant, but the project changed direction in the latter half and we were excluded.
  • BBSRC (G17764): 2002 - 2007, Nottingham Arabidopsis Stock Centre; provision of Arabidopsis thaliana genetic resources to the research community. £798 928
  • BBSRC (G18881) 2003-2006, The GARNet Transcriptomics and bioinformatics service (continuation grant II). NASC award £392,064.
  • BBSRC (GAT11276): 1999 - 2004 UKCropNet99.  – A bioinformatics consortium including the John Innes Centre (Norwich); IGER (Aberystwyth) and the SCRI (Dundee). NASC award £831 352  (approximately 5/6ths   to be re-distributed amongst our consortium).
  • BBSRC (IGF12422): 2000 - 2004, NASC transcriptome project (array and bioinformatics facility) – a part of GARnet (genomics Arabidopsis resource net). NASC award £1 062 556.
  • BBSRC: 2001-2004, Prediction of protein function in plant genomes using data mining. A joint grant between IGER, the University of Wales - Aberystwyth, and NASC.
  • BBSRC (EGM16127): 2002-2005, Computational Approaches to identifying gene regulatory systems in Arabidopsis. A joint grant between John Innes Centre, University of Norwich and NASC. NASC award £123,556
  • EU: 2002-2005, PLANET, European Plant Genome Database Network. A joint grant between NASC, MIPS (Germany), INRA (France), VIB (Belgium), INFOBIOGEN (France), John Innes Centre (UK), Plant Research International (Holland), and CNB - CSIC (Spain). NASC award € 210,975
  • BBSRC (G16319): 2001-2003, Oligo array service for the Arabidopsis community. NASC award £487,552
  • BBSRC (X08267): 1997 - 2002, Nottingham Arabidopsis Stock Centre; provision of key Arabidopsis thaliana genetic resources to the research community. £725 656
  • BBSRC: 1999 - (Feb) 2001, Provision of SLAT collection to researchers. A joint grant between the University of York, NASC and the John Innes Centre. NASC award ~ £10 000.
  • Plant Sciences Research Fund - (1999-2000) Arabidopsis seed storage / longevity research project - collaboration with Wakehurst place (Kew Gardens)
  • BBSRC : 1996-1999, UK Crop Plant Bioinformatics Network, a consortia between NASC, Mike Gale (JIC, Norwich), Robbie Waugh and David Marshall (SCRI, Dundee), Helen Ougham (IGER, Aberystwyth), Martin Trick (JIC, Norwich). NASC award £103445
  • EU: 1995-1999, Arabidopsis Biotechnologial Resources, a consortium between NASC, Zoe Wilson (Uni Nott), Andy Pereira (CPRO-DLO Wageningen, Netherlands), George Pelletier (INRA, Versailles, France). NASC award ECU 206000
  • Gatsby: 1999, NASC stock database integration with external Arabidopsis datasets. NASC award £10,680 Gatsby: 1998 - 1999, Gatsby Foundation SLAT collection. NASC award  £10000
  • University of Nottingham Research Opportunity fund, 1998 - 1999 Arabidopsis seed storage / longevity research project - collaboration with Wakehurst place (Kew Gardens).



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On-line video of Drosophila whole adult brain dissection YouTube

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The index at flybase (3 Oct 2013)

Because Flybase seem to move the link everytime I look, everything is also HERE in case the links don't work.

Also, a video of the procedure was made at the time and uploaded to YouTube in 2009.

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