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INRA-Versailles lines

George Pelletier and Nicole Bechtold have kindly donated the first 500 T-DNA lines from Versailles. A review of the generation and characterisation of these lines is given in their article. They donated a large amount of seed, but insufficient to fill the world demand for these lines. Consequently ABRC and NASC are collaborating on a further bulking of the lines so that we can distribute them to the community at the earliest opportunity. The Versailles group also sent us a lot of detailed information about these lines, including segregation data, observed mutant phenotypes and GUS staining patterns. All this information will be made publically accessible through the NASC server and the Arabidopsis databases at the time of distribution. We anticipate that the lines will be made available before the end of the year.

MOGEN Promoter trap lines

We also are nearing the completion of the bulking of approximately 1000 MOGEN Lines. The details of the production of these lines was described in the first issue of Weeds World. Detailed information about the gus staining patterns and any phenotypic abberrations for the individual lines will be made available through our on-line catalogue and the Arabidopsis databases. Barring any catastrophes in the greenhouse these lines should be ready for distribution at the end of November. The exact distribution date will be advertised through the bulletin boards.

Koncz Lines

It has taken us a long time to bulk up the Koncz lines but we now have fresh stocks of these lines. All of you who were waiting for these lines should have received them by now. In the process of regrowing these lines we have found that the characteristics of a few mutants are inconsistant and so we have altered their descriptions accordingly. In addition, a handful of the lines have proved too inconsistant or such low yielders that we have withdrawn them from distribution. Details of the stock changes are given in the NASC on-line catalogue.

Seed List

This year we have delayed the publication of our hard copy seed list, awaiting the release of the MOGEN lines and the INRA-Versailles lines. Although we realise there is still a demand for a hard copy list we are not going to publish this as regularly as we have done in the past. This is because the amount of detailed information which we have about our lines cannot be carried in a hard copy publication. Our most current stock detail is carried on the NASC server and we would encourage you to consult this for details. It also means that as you are already on line you will be able to ask questions about the stocks or place orders.

Donation form

When donating seed to NASC it is possible to make an electronic submission of the information relating to your seeds via our new donation form. Please feel free to donate seed to the Centre at any time.