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The European Arabidopsis Stock Centre

Help - How to order

How to Order

  1. Adding stocks to your basket

    To order stocks you must first add them to your basket as you are searching or browsing the catalogue.

    This is done by clicking the 'Add to Basket' button next to each stock. When clicked the button will grey out.

    The stock code of each item added to your basket will be displayed under the heading 'Basket Contents' on the right hand side of the page along with the number of items and the total price excluding UK VAT.

    To add more stocks continue searching or browsing.

  2. Viewing / editing your basket

    To see a detailed view of your shopping basket click on the 'Shopping Basket' link in the left hand navigation bar.

    To remove an item click on the remove button next to the stock. The cost of your order is recalculated automatically.

  3. Ordering stocks in your Shopping Basket

    To order click on the 'Shopping Basket' link in the left hand navigation bar and then click on the 'Proceed to checkout' button below the list of stocks. Your Shopping Basket is maintained only for the duration of your browser session, so if you close your browser without first placing an order, your basket's contents will be lost. Therefore, if you have placed stocks in your basket, please leave your browser open until you are ready to order them.

    When you are ready to proceed to the checkout, you will be asked for your email or subscriber id. If you have ordered before, your details will be presented to you to check whether they are up to date. If not you will be asked to provide them. The successful placement of your order with NASC automatically empties your Shopping Basket.

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