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The European Arabidopsis Stock Centre

Fees information

April 2008: We no longer (more information) accept late additions to orders.

The present charging system started in May 2004 such that NASC and ABRC both charge fees on a per stock basis. A 'batch fee' is charged to initiate each order so that the first stock is at a moderate charge, but each stock thereafter (in one order) is at a very much reduced price.

European users are expected to order through NASC.
North and South American users are expected to order from ABRC.
Laboratories in other locations may order stocks from EITHER centre.

You may also be liable for your local sales tax.

Sets of lines have a preadjusted cheaper rate per line.

This current system represented a saving for the majority of our users that order multiple seeds per transaction. It also encourages users to organise their orders so that it represents less pressure on stock centre resources.

It represented actual savings on the pre-2004 system for the following examples of ordering:

  • Fewer than 11 stocks in 2 or more orders per year.
  • 11-71 stocks in one order (11-67 in 2 orders etc.).
  • 101-144 stocks in one order (101-140 stocks in 2 orders etc.).

Please note that the batch fee allows us to significantly reduce the per stock charge thereby greatly helping high volume users. We encourage users in neighbouring labs to consider ordering together to reduce their overall fees.

Schools (pre-University) will still receive non-transgenic seeds for free - please make your status clear in your order
In cases of extreme hardship (particularly outside Europe) we will occasionally consider waiving the fees.

Your feedback is appreciated.