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The European Arabidopsis Stock Centre

Arabidopsis photograph collection at NASC

NASC have a collection of about 800 photographs of arabidopsis ecotypes and mutants. You can browse the whole collection or view them categorised by type. You could also try the Arabidopsis visual similarity software prototype (IMEDIA Project - INRIA).

Mutants by type

  1. Biochemical Mutants
  2. Colour Mutants
  3. Flowering Mutants
  4. Form Mutants
  5. Hormone Mutants
  6. Photomorphogenic Mutants
  7. Multiple marker mapping lines


  1. View all ecotypes with a photo here
  2. You can also search using the ecotype search and filter by photo here

View all pictures

  1. View all the photographs here
  2. You can now search the catalogue and filter by photo here