Stanford Genome Center SNPs - SGCSNPs (SNP/INDEL).

Michael Mindrinos has donated a large number of SNP (simple/single nucleotide polymorphisms) and INDEL (insertion/deletion) RI data as reported in Cho et al.(1999) Nature Genetics 23(2):203-7. These markers with a small number of exceptions were first incorporated into the February 2000 release of the RI map .

To avoid confusion with other large groups of SNP data that are currently becoming available to the arabidopsis community, these markers have been renamed at the instigation of TAIR in agreement with Michael Mindrinos. They are therefore represented on the map as the SGCSNP loci (Stanford Genome Center SNPs).

All of the identifying numbers were, and are, co-linear and have been retained: ( e.g SNP308 => SGCSNP308; and INDEL355 => SGCSNP355 )

All of the markers have also been aliased, so that searching can identify them from EITHER the paper published codes OR the web published codes. The search page shows both the SGC name and the original name.

The sequence data for these SGCSNPs is held by TAIR.