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Marker scores for latest map

[Excel version - large but includes marker names !]

A: as Col parent
B: as Ler parent

Interpreting RI maps

Map layout

How to map with RI lines


Courtesy Archival Note added in April 2009

AGR/UKCropnet RI links are no longer available - some of these resources will lead to a 'software error'. AGR has been superseded by AtEnsembl ( )

Some of the markers (the SGCSNP markers) do have sequence associated with them so the physical and genetic maps can be linked, whereas most of the other markers simply have scores and often have no metadata - they were a pre-1999 service that just asked for scores and returned a map position.

If the scores are what mainly interest you, they are here (and see link on the left.

However, there is often no way to associate these marker data with anything other than the original donor of the data (and this is from a decade ago so the information is likely to be inaccurate for most of the donors and there are potential privacy issues with much of this archival information).

The main use of these data was in deriving the original map that was used to assemble the genome sequence in 99/00 ; once it had served this purpose it was largely unimportant - the sequence over-rode the usefulness of the map for most markers.

If it would be useful for the SGCSNPs (which have sequence) to be positioned on AtEnsembl and linked to the map then please do contact us as this is not currently a priority.

Dynamic graphic displays for RI maps
Java display.

Standard Java (resizable)
Java 1.1 required.
Java 1.1 required.
Java 1.1 required.
Java 1.1 required.
Java 1.1 required.

Comments on using the JAVA display.

  • Resize the window as required by dragging the corner as normal
  • Use the left scroll bar to resize the map
  • Use the middle scrollbar to move up and down the map
  • Click the marker and then [go] for details on a specific marker.