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Agrikola pEntry Clones

Donated by

  • Thomas Altmann Agrikola consortium, Developmental Physiology and Genomics Group, Cooperative Research Groups, Max-Planck-Institut für Molekulare Pflanzenphysiologie


Agrikola pEntry Clones

For further information please refer to the AGRIKOLA main page

pEntry clone stabs

The Agrikola RNAi entry clones are distributed as an LBA stab. These entry clones are not ready for transformation into plants and should be mobilised into a destination vector such as pAGRIKOLA.

The following information was taken from the Agrikola website :

The AGRIKOLA consortium has cloned most of the CATMA GSTs into pDONR207, a Gateway entry vector. These entry clones are in E. coli DH5a. pDONR207 confers resistance to gentamycin.
It it recomended that you validate your GST entry clone. Therefore, before proceeding further you should streak out onto agar plates that contain 15mgl-1 gentamycin and select 4 or 6 colonies for verification. You can then verify your plamids using restriction digest using the pDONR207 restriction map or by PCR amplification or sequencing.