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The European Arabidopsis Stock Centre

CATMA 96 well plates containing GST amplicons And CATMA Spotted Arrays

Donated by

  • Pierre Hilson CATMA consortium, VIB Department of Plant Systems Biology, Faculty of Sciences, Ghent University

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Detailed information

N160100 is the complete set consists of 256 plates and costs £500 in total. The plates that make up the set are also available individually and each have their own NASC Ids.

Supplied with the complete set of CATMA plates are 40 primers C1 - C24 and R1 - R16. Enough for 300 PCRs. The set is comprised of the following:-

Complete Set of 256 CATMA 96 well plates - N160100.
Number of Plates Plate ID Numbers NASC Codes PCR amplification with primers
64 96101 - 96164 N160101 - N160164 C1-C12, R1-R8
64 96201 - 96264 N160201 - N160264 C13-C24, R1-R8
64 96301 - 96364 N160301 - N160364 C1-C12, R9-R16
64 96401 - 96464 N160401 - N160464 C13-C24, R9-R16

Further details

Please use the CATMA database to find plate location of CATMA GSTs and information on gene name (AGI, EMBL or UniGene accession number)

An Excel file of the correlation between all of the wells in the plates and the CATMA IDs and AGI codes for the whole set is available (2MB file)

All secondary amplicons for the CATMA materials distributed as amplicons or slides were performed by Alex Tabrett in Jim Beynon's Group at Warwick HRI as part of the UK Investigating Gene Function (IGF) BBSRC funded Initiative and as UK collaborator in the CATMA consortium.

CATMA Spotted Arrays

These microarrays have been generated from materials donated to the stock centre by the European CATMA consortium and are derived from a set of specifically designed GST amplicons spotted on GAPII Corning slides using a Biorobotics TASII robotic arrayer.

The current slide consists of over 21,000 amplicons on one slide (without duplication of spots).

  • The NASC code for individual slides is N160165 - currently £40.
  • The NASC code for a set of 3 slides is N160166 - currently £120.

Future prices and limits are subject to change according to demand and necessity for re-amplification. Prices charged will be those quoted on the day that we receive the ORDER. Please retain your web receipt / email in case you have future queries related to invoices.

Additionally - for convenience

Excel/csv file of the correlation between all of the spots and their AGI/AT codes for the set (please note that there are a small number of spots (<10%) for which we do not currently have AGI codes - these will follow shortly).

Scanner friendly files describing the slides as AT codes for each spot:

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  • Sclep, G. et al. 2007. CATMA, a comprehensive genome-scale resource for silencing and transcript profiling of Arabidopsis genes. BMC Bioinformatics 8:400. Link to Article.
  • Allemeersch, J. et al. 2005. Benchmarking the CATMA microarray. A novel tool for Arabidopsis transcriptome analysis. Plant Physiology 137(2):588-601. PMID. 15710687