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The European Arabidopsis Stock Centre

Homozygous silencing mutants

Donated by

  • Ian Furner Department of Genetics, University of Cambridge

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Homozygous silencing mutants

The Furner lab has been working on gene silencing, homology-dependent gene silencing and DNA methylation in Arabidopsis for twenty-five years. The Arabidopsis genome sequence became available a decade ago (Arabidopsis genome initiative, 2000) and more recently over 300,000 indexed T-DNA tags have been made available through the stock centres (O’Malley and Ecker, 2010). It has become possible to generate homozygous T-DNA inserts for nearly any gene by getting the segregating stock, identifying homozygous individuals with PCR (http://signal.salk.edu/cgi-bin/tdnaexpress) and bulking the stock by self-fertilization.

This collection represents a variety of T-DNA homozygotes with inserts in genes thought to be involved in gene silencing. Some of the alleles have been independently made homozygous and studied in other labs and these can be found in the literature while others are unique to this collection. This re-donated collection has been made available to help investigators in the area acquire the relevant mutants without having to generate their own homozygous T-DNA inserts. We anticipate this collection will increase with time as new lines are added in subsequent years.

This excel file contains detailed data - gene names, gene numbers, other names, line identifiers, references and associated NASC codes - for these Furner homozygous silencing mutants, and for previous Ian Furner donations.


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