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The European Arabidopsis Stock Centre

Col / Nd RI Lines

Donated by

  • Jim Beynon Warwick HRI (GEN0), University of Warwick
  • Eric Holub Warwick HRI (GEN0), University of Warwick
  • Ian Crute Warwick HRI (GEN0), University of Warwick

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Col/Nd RI Population

A recombinant inbred line (RIL) population has been developed using two parental strain accessions of Columbia (either Col-3 or glabrous Col-5) and Niederzenz (Nd-1). These lines have been used to map loci involved in natural variation of downy mildew and bacterial pathogen resistance.

Background information

The population of RI lines was developed and donated by Jim Beynon, Eric Holub and Ian Crute, Horticulture Research International, Wellesbourne, Warwick, UK.

To obtain the F1 hybrid plants, one of the Columbia strains (Col-3 or Col-5) was used as the female parent and fertilised with pollen from Niederzenz (Nd-1). One hundred of the F1 plants were selected, allowed to self fertilise and subsequently advanced to the F9 generation population.

The complete set of marker scores for each chromosome may be obtained by following the links below.

Marker Scores
Chromosome I II III IV V

The stock numbers of the parental lines are as follows:

Stock No. Parent
N908 Col-3
N1644 Col-5
N1636 Nd-1

Sets in this collection

Nasc code Description Set contents
N1696 The complete set of 98 RI lines (F9 generation, N1697 - N1796), plus the three parental lines. View set contents
N1898 Set of 95 RI lines derived from a cross between Col-3 or Col-5 and Nd-1 (N1798 -N1890) View set contents


  • Holub, E.B. & Beynon, J.L. 1997. Symbiology of Mouse-Ear Cress (Arabidopsis Thaliana) and Oomycetes. Advances in Botanical Research 24:228-273. Link to Article