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The European Arabidopsis Stock Centre

Micol PhenoLeaf lines

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  • José Luis Micol Area de Genetica - Campus de Elche, Departamento de Biologia Aplicada, Universidad Miguel Hernandez

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Micol PhenoLeaf lines

Complete set of 609 T-DNA insertion lines, identified to exhibit a leaf phenotype with full penetrance. Stocks consists of T7 seeds and described phenotypes were observed in T4, T5 and T6 plants. Only the genotype at the locus annotated by ABRC has been studied. Causal relationship between annotated mutation and described phenotype not proved.

More information is available at http://genetics.umh.es/phenoleaf.

Sets in this collection

Nascode Description Stock contents
N2107341 Complete set of 608 T-DNA insertion lines View set contents


  • Wilson-Sanchez, D., et al. 2014. Leaf phenomics:a systematic reverse genetic screen for Arabidopsis leaf mutants. The Plant Journal 79(5):878-91. PubMed ID. 24946828