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Microarray control set

Donated by

  • Jeff Landgraf MSU-DOE Plant Research Laboratory, College of Natural Science, Michigan State University

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AFGC Microarray Control Set

The AFGC Microarray Control Set (N42998) is composed of 8 transgene controls and 10 spiking controls assembled to provide access to a uniform set of clones for use in plant DNA microarray experiments. Each tube contains one microgram of desiccated plasmid DNA that can be resuspended in TE buffer to your desired concentration. Instructions for amplification and use of the spiking controls are included in the detailed information page. This set of clones was assembled by the Michigan State University DNA Microarray Facility, part of the Arabidopsis Functional Genomics Consortium funded by NSF grant 9872638.

Further details

The control set was developed by Dr. Jeff Landgraf at MSU in collaboration with Dr. Nancy Eckhardt, Dr. Kirian Mysore, Dr. Philippe Reymond, Dr. Lila Vodkin, Dr. John Quakenbush and Dr. Elizabeth Pierson.

The price of the set is £35

AFGC Control Kit Layout

8 transgenes:

  • count 1-8 from the hinge
  • hinge | BT | GFP | Globin | GUS | HPH | Luc | BAR | nptII

10 spiking controls:

  • Blue spots are tubes -1/0 with NO DNA, the rest are sp1-10 from the blue spot.
  • blue | blue | sp1 | sp2 | etc..... | sp10