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The European Arabidopsis Stock Centre

Koornneef RI Cvi x Ler

Donated by

  • Maarten Koornneef Laboratory of Genetics, Plant Sciences Group, Wageningen University

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RI lines Cvi x Ler

N22000 is a complete set of 162 recombinant inbred lines from the cross Ler (Landsberg erecta) and Cvi (Cape Verdi Islands). The parental strains were reciprocally crossed to obtain the Ler/Cvi F1 hybrid plants. Of the resulting RILs, 118 were from Cvi x Ler and the remainder were from Ler x Cvi. A map was developed from this population incorporating a large number of AFLP markers as well CAPs and SSLPs. Files with the recombination data and marker maps are available.

Sets in this collection

N22000 encompasses both sets below N22477 (base set of 50 lines) and N22478 (set of 112 lines).

N22478 is a set of 112 recombinant inbred lines from the cross Ler (Landsberg erecta) and Cvi (Cape Verdi Islands), not included in the base set of 50 lines (N22477).

Nasc code Description Set contents
N22000 Complete set of 162 Ler/Cvi Koornneef RI lines View set contents
N22477 Complete set: 50 RI lines for mapping View set contents
N22478 Complete set: 112 RILs not in mapping set View set contents


  • Alonso-Blanco, C. et al. 1998 . Development of an AFLP based linkage map of Ler, Col and Cvi Arabidopsis thaliana ecotypes and construction of a Ler/Cvi recombinant inbred line population. The Plant Journal 14(2):259-71.PubMed ID: 9628021.