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The European Arabidopsis Stock Centre

Ds launchpad lines

Donated by

  • Caroline Dean Department of Cell and Developmental Biology, John Innes Centre
  • Paul Muskett John Innes Centre

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Launchpad lines exploit the maize Ac/Ds transposition system to create a targeted insertional mutagenesis system in Arabidopsis (Landsberg erecta). Lines were mapped by clone filter hybridisation and by blast searching IPCR sequence tags against genome sequence.

Further details

They were generated by Paul Muskett and Caroline Dean at the John Innes Centre.


  • Muskett, P.R. et al. 2003. A resource of mapped Ds launch pads for targeted insertional mutagenesis in the Arabidopsis genome. Plant Physiology 132(2): 506-516. PMID. 12805583.