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LeClere and Bartel T-DNA lines

Donated by

  • Bonnie Bartel Department of Biochemistry and Cell Biology , Wiess School of Natural Sciences , Rice University
  • Sherry LeClere Department of Biochemistry and Cell Biology , Wiess School of Natural Sciences , Rice University

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LeClere and Bartel T-DNA lines

These lines were generated by Sherry LeClere and Bonnie Bartel at the Department of Biochemistry and Cell Biology, MS-140 Rice University, Houston, Texas.

A total of 33,100 T-DNA lines were generated using the 35SpBARN vector via vacuum infiltration in the Columbia accession. The 35SpBARN vector contains Cauliflower Mosaic Virus (CaMV) 35S promoter which will drive plant expression of ligated cDNAs. In terra selection of transformants can be conducted based on the gene conferring resistance to glufosinate ammonium herbicide (BASTA). The vector was ligated with a cDNA library prior to transformation of plants, so that the T-DNA populations consists of individuals transformed with different 35S-cDNA constructs.

This construct should allow phenotypes to be isolated that are based on overexpression or occasionally cosuppression effects, in addition to the standard loss-of-function knockout effects associated with T-DNA insertions.


N84450 is the complete set containing 331 pools of 100 lines each. The total cost of the set is £363.

For the individual pools of lines normal user fees apply.

Nasc code Description Set contents
N84450 Complete set of 331 T-DNA (35SpBARN) pools of 100 lines each View set contents

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  • LeClere, S. & Bartel. B. 2001. A library of Arabidopsis 35S-cDNA lines for identifying novel mutants. Plant Molecular Biology 46(6):695-703.PubMed ID: 11575724.