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The European Arabidopsis Stock Centre

Lindsey promoter trap lines

Donated by

  • Keith Lindsey Institute of Plant and Microbial Sciences, School of Biological and Biomedical Sciences, Durham University

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About the Lindsey promoter trap lines

These lines were donated by Keith Lindsey , Botany Dept, Leicester University, University Road, Leicester, UK

This transgenic population contains the T-DNA promoter trap vector pDgusBin19 (Topping et al. 1991; Lindsey et al. 1993). The T-DNA contains at the right border a constitutively expressed nptII gene, conferring resistance to kanamycin, and at the left border, a promoterless gusA gene. The gusA coding region on this T-DNA, which has its own ATG but no TATA box, can be activated following insertion downstream of a native gene promoter trap ("interposon"). This can facilitate the cloning of genes that are expressed in specific cell types (Lindsey et al. 1993), or that are inducible by environmental factors, including pathogens (Goddjin et al. 1993). The T-DNA can also, of course, act as insertional mutagen to facilitate the cloning of genes essential for developmental, biochemical, or physiological processes.

The transformation procedure used was that of Clarke et al. 1992., using root explants inoculated with Agrobacterium tumefaciens strains LBA4404 (Prefix BFM) or C58C1. All lines are in the C24 background except those prefixed by "BFM" which are Landsberg erecta. Each line was sent to NASC as mixed seed ie as a mixture of segregating wild types, hemizygotes and homozygotes for T- DNA but each line listed is derived from a single independent primary transformant (T1). Lines containing T-DNA can be selected by planting on the medium containing 25 mg/l kanamycin sulphate.

Some of the lines have been tested for GUS expression in seedlings and flowers. This information is given for the individual lines. The remaining lines have not been tested for GUS expression at this stage of development.

Sets in this collection

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N4549 Complete set of Lindsey T-DNA Tagged lines View set contents


  • Lindsey, K., et al. 1993. Tagging genomic sequences that direct transgene expression by activation of a promoter trap in plants. Transgenic Research 2(1):33-47. PMID: 8513337.