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Tetrad qrt1 Mapping Lines

Donated by

  • Daphne Preuss Preuss Laboratory, Department of Molecular Genetics and Cell Biology , Division of Biological Sciences , University of Chicago

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Tetrad qrt1 Mapping Lines

This is a collection of Tetrad qrt1 mapping lines donated by Daphne Preuss from the Department of Molecular Genetics and Cell Biology at the University of Chicago.

Mapping population for tetrad analysis; a backcross population of the F1 of qrt1-1, Ler-0 (N8845) by qrt1-2, Col-3 (N8846) to ms1-1, Ler-0. Homozygous alleles of qrt1 were utilized in both parents to produce F1 plants with pollen tetrads. The ms1 allele of the backcross parent facilitated hybridizations. The backcross parent resulted from crossing between ms1-1, Ler-0 (N75) and gl1-1, Ler-0 (N64). Single pollen grains were isolated from tetrads and utilized in separate pollinations. Progeny plants were obtained and included in the mapping population from at least three members of each tetrad set.

This mapping population consists of selfed progeny from 292 backcross families, 97 tetrads and 2 parental lines. There is segregation within and among the lines for qrt1-1 vs. qrt1-2 and er1-1 vs. ER. This population was used by the donors to map the centromeres and analyze gene conversion.

Sets in this collection

Nasc code Description Set contents
N8994 Complete qrt1 mapping set View set contents


  • Copenhaver, G.P., Browne, W.E. & Preuss, D. 1998. Assaying genome-wide recombination and centromere functions with Arabidopsis tetrads. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 95(1):247-52.PubMed ID: 9419361.