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The European Arabidopsis Stock Centre


Donated by

  • Steve Henikoff Howard Hughes Medical Institute & Basic Sciences Division, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
  • Luca Comai Genome Center, College of Biological Sciences, University of California, Davis

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TILLING (Targeting Induced Local Lesions IN Genomes)

These stocks are individual lines descended from individual M2 plants from ethyl-methane sulfonate (EMS) mutagenesis. The current generation is M3.

Individual lines should be ordered from this population as followup to positive results in the TILLING procedure conducted by the Henikoff laboratory. The reverse genetics, TILLING procedure employs methods which detect heteroduplex DNA for targeted DNA sequences so that EMS-induced point mutations in specific genes of interest can be identified. The background line for this population is Columbia with an erecta (er-105) mutation. For further details, and to search for TILLED mutations, please go to the TILLING Project website.