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Transgenic silencing lines

Donated by

  • Ian Furner Department of Genetics, University of Cambridge

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Transgenic silencing lines and modifiers of silencing

The chalcone synthase (CHS) silencing lines were made by introducing extra copies of CHS on a T-DNA encoding Neomycin phosphotransferase (NPT) and Hygromycin phosphotransferase (HPT). The lines show homology-dependent gene silencing of the CHS copy at the tt4 locus. This results in reduced anthocyanin levels and in the most strongly affected line (C) yellow seeds. Three lines (N1693, N1694, N1695) are available each is homozygous for a single insertion event. They are described in Davies et al. 1977. Genetics of homology-dependent gene silencing in Arabidopsis; a role for methylation. The Plant Journal 12: 791-804.

In a subsequent study plants homozygous for the C-insert were mutagenised and used to select genetic modifiers of gene silencing and homology-dependent gene silencing (Furner et al, 1988. Genetics 149:651-662). These are available in the original transgenic background (C/C) or without the T-DNA (0/0).


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