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Van Lijsebettens T-DNA

Donated by

  • Mieke van Lijsebettens Chromatin and Growth Group, VIB Department of Plant Systems Biology, Faculty of Sciences, Ghent University

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Van Lijsebettens T-DNA

  • Contains T-DNA insertion with dominant marker which can be used for efficient gene mapping; markers associated with T-DNA - hpt (hygromycin phosphotransferase, hygromycin resistance), neo (neomycin phosphotransferase, kanamycin resistance), gus (beta-glucuronidase).
  • No phenotype information available at this time

Marker Lines with Mapped T-DNA Insertions from Dr. Mieke van Lijsebettens

These stocks, donated by Dr. M. Van Lijsebettens, Ghent, Belgium, contain T-DNA insertions having at least one dominant marker. These can be used to increase the efficiency of gene mapping by recombinational methods. See cited publication for details of usage.

Nascode Donor Name Map pos. Background T-DNA Markers* Allele symbol/ name Visible phenotype
N5208 TDNA1 1-32 C24 neo, bar pfl-1, gl1/ointed first leaf, glabra Insertion is in pointed first leaf locus; pfl: first true leaf is narrow, pointed and chlorotic;ubsequent leaves are pointed but less chlorotic; fertile at 13C; growth is reduced at 20C; reduced trichomes.
N5209 TDNA2 1-67 C24 neo, bar gl1/glabra reduced trichomes.
N5210 TDNA3 2-60 Col hpt, gus -
N5211 TDNA4 3-43 C24 neo, bar gl1/glabra reduced trichomes.
N5212 TDNA5 5-25 C24 hpt gl1/glabra reduced trichomes.
N5213 TDNA6 5-72 C24 hpt, iaaH gl1/glabra reduced trichomes.
N5214 TDNA7 5-84 C24 neo, bar gl1/glabra reduced trichomes.
N5215 TDNA8 5-81 C24 bar, htp, Ds gl1/glabra reduced trichomes.

* neo = neomycin phosphotransferase, kanamycin resistance
bar = phosphonothricin resistance
hpt = hygromycin phosphotransferase, hygromycin resistance
gus = beta-glucuronidase
iaaH = indole-3-acetamide, susceptibility to auxin conjugates
Ds = maize dissociation transposable element.


  • Van Lijsebettens, M. et al. 1996. Transgenic Arabidopsis tester lines with dominant marker genes. Molecular & general genetics 251(3):365-72.PubMed ID: 8676880.