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The European Arabidopsis Stock Centre


Donated by

  • Martin Huelskamp Botanical Institute, Department of Biology, University of Cologne
  • Anja Schneider Botanical Institute, Department of Biology, University of Cologne

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TAMARA lines

A population of 9471 stable activation-tagged lines was generated by transposable element mediated activation tagging mutagenesis in Arabidopsis (TAMARA) using the maize En/Spm transposon system. Based on DNA gel blot and flanking sequence analysis, this population contains approximately 6000 independent transposon insertions. A greenhouse-based screen identified six dominant or semi-dominant activation tagged mutants with obvious developmental alterations, among these a new pistillata mutant allele. In addition, a subset of 1500 lines was screened by a HPLC based high-throughput method for dominant activation tagged mutants with enhanced contents of phenolic compounds. One dominant activation tagged mutant (hpc1-1D) was isolated showing accumulation of a particular compound due to the upregulation of an R2R3-MYB transcription factor.


  • Schneider, A. et al. 2005. A transposon-based activation-tagging population in Arabidopsis thaliana (TAMARA) and its application in the identification of dominant developmental and metabolic mutations. FEBS Letters 579(21): 4622-4628. PMID. 16087178.