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The European Arabidopsis Stock Centre

JIC Bancroft RI lines

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  • Ian Bancroft Centre for Novel Agricultural Products (CNAP), Department of Biology, University of York

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Six new Arabidopsis Recombinant Inbred populations developed at the JIC

Six new Recombinant Inbred populations have been produced by single seed descent to F8. These are a joint output of the research programme of the Bancroft group in the Department of Crop Genetics and of the Exploiting Natural Variation in Arabidopsis platform technology of the JIC Genome Laboratory. Vernalization of plants at the seedling stage was conducted throughout, as some of the parent accessions had a strong vernalization requirement for flowering. The parents of the populations were originally selected for contrasting seed lipid characteristics (O'Neill, C.M. et al., 2003). However, as they were also selected as being from diverse geographic origins, the populations are expected to have captured a wide range of genetic diversity for many additional traits.

JIC Arabidopsis Bancroft RI populations (each set consists of 94 lines)


Female parent

Male parent


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Accession Cat.No. Accession Cat. No. Cat. No
Wt-5 x Ct-1 Wt-5 N1612 Ct-1 N1094 N717137
Sorbo x Gy-0 Sorbo N931 Gy-0 N1216 N717138
Kondara x Br-0 Kondara N916 Br-0 N994 N717139
Cvi-0 x Ag-0 Cvi-0 N902 Ag-0 N936 N717140
Ts-5 x Mz-0* Ts-5 N1558 Mz-0 N1382 N717141
Nok-3 x Ga-0 Nok-3 N1404 Ga-0 N1180 N717142

* Work by Matthieu Simon and Christine Camilleri in the Versailles Biological Resource Centre (CRB) using a set of 384 medium-frequency SNP markers typed on Illumina Veracode has confirmed that JI 240#14 is in fact derived from the NASC Mz-0 (N1382) material. After July-Sept 2011 any reference here to 240#14 (N9623) has been replaced by Mz-0.

Genetic linkage maps have been constructed for the populations using communal markers (Link to Research Group). We strongly encourage contribution of marker data from users of the populations to enable these maps to be further developed.

For further information see the Ian Bancroft home page


  • O'Neill, C.M. et al. 2003. Natural variation for seed lipid traits in Arabidopsis thaliana. Phytochemistry 64(6): 1077-1090. PMID. 14568074.