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NASC ID: N781613

Name: The complete wave line DNA collection (84 clones +pNigel vectors)

ABRC stock number: CS781613

Description: The complete wave line DNA collection: contains all marker constructs ( 21 different genes, available in 4 colors: 84 clones in total) and pNigel vectors. This collection is a set of distinct subcellular marker lines with spectrally distinct, fluorescent fusion constructs. The set provides an easy way to screen for distinct subcellular localization patterns and stable, non-toxic expression in transgenic plants. The constructs are under pUBQ10 promoter. The pNIGEL recombination vectors on which these constructs are based allow generation of fusion constructs by CRE-lox recombination using the pUNI ORF collection of the SSP consortium. The final marker constructs are available in four colors Blue (mCerulean), Bluegreen (mTFP1), Yellow (YFP) and Red (mCherry). It means there are 21 different genes, available in 4 colors: 84 clones in total. The nomenclature of the constructs is, for example: Wave 131C, Wave 131T, Wave 131Y or Wave 131R, the last letter indicating the different fluorophores.

Donation Date: 2009-03-03

Donated by:  Universit√© de Lausanne Niko Geldner

Stock type: set (View set contents)

Material type: plasmid dna

Comment: This stock is DNA NOT seed distributed as bacterial stab.

Status Price (£)
Available £204.00

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Geldner, N., et al. 2009. Rapid, combinatorial analysis of membrane compartments in intact plants with a multi-color marker set. The Plant Journal 59(1):169-78.PubMed ID: 19309456.