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NASC ID: N799398

Name: sec-N-Rm-2A-GH line 54-4

ABRC stock number: CS799398

Description: sec-N-Rm-2A-GH line 54-4. ER-localised mGFP5 expressed in stoichiometric quantities with an N-glycosylated vacuole-localised myc-tagged mRFP1 from pVKHEn6-ST-N-Rm-2A-secGf. Owing to a vacuolar sorting determinant in the 2A peptide sequence that remains attached to the mRFP1 marker, this marker traffics via the Golgi and PVC to the vacuole where it accumulates. Hygromycin resistant.

Donation Date: 2012-03-09

Donated by:  University of Oxford Ian Moore

Part of : Moore Marker Seeds

Stock type: individual line

Material type: seed

Comment: Tube 33 is N799398

Status Price (£)
Available £11.00

Germplasm Info

Seed type: Transgenic


Samalova, M.,Fricker, M. & Moore, I. 2006. Ratiometric fluorescence-imaging assays of plant membrane traffic using polyproteins. Traffic 7(12):1701-23.PubMed ID: 17118121.