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Name: Dijon-M

ABRC stock number: CS919

Donation Date: 1993-06-01

Donated by:  Pohang University of Science and Technology Igor Vizir

Donor Number: Dijon-M

Stock type: individual line

Material type: seed

Comment: Single seed line: N28206

Status Price (£)
Available £11.00

Germplasm Info

Genus: Arabidopsis     Species: thaliana

Seed type: Ecotype

Background: Dijon-M

Growth requirement: seed stocks should be given a cold treatment (ca. 4 C for 3-4 days) immediately after planting


Derivative of Dijon. Dark green rosette. Background of some mutants.

Ecotype data

Location: Yanushkevich Group. Moscow University. Russia

Country: RUSSIA