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Name: Zwille

ABRC stock number: CS11

Description: Form

Donation Date: 1998-07-30

Donated by:  Albert-Ludwigs-Universit√§t Freiburg Thomas Laux

Stock type: individual line

Material type: seed

Status Price (£)
Available £11.00

Germplasm Info

Seed type: Single marker

Mutagen: ethylmethane sulfonate

Background: Ler

Pedigree: backcrossed to Ler three times

Segregation: YES

Associated Polymorphisms

When available, select a locus to display it at the AIP or view the EMBL record at the EBI.

Gene: Allele: Locus: AGI code:
  • zll-3
  • zll


Defective embryonic shoot meristem development. Heterozygote.