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NASC ID: N84999

Name: Complete set of 128 recombinant inbred lines

ABRC stock number: CS84999

Description: Complete set of 128 recombinant inbred lines; the parental strains, Columbia (Col) carrying a glabrous1 allele and Kashmir (Kas-1), were crossed, and 128 F2 plants were propagated by single-seed descent to the F6 generation; for the resulting set of recombinant inbred lines, marker score/recombination data are available; this population was utilized to isolate three resistance genes for E. cichoracearum by QTL procedures; the parental lines differ in a number of morphological attributes and for vernalization requirement.

Donation Date: 2001-05-09

Donated by:  The Carnegie Institution of Washington Shauna Somerville

Donor Number: Complete set

Stock type: set (View set contents)

Material type: seed

Comment: Includes parentals - N3879 and N3880

Status Price (£)
Available £232.00

Germplasm Info

Seed type: Recombinant inbred line

Background: Col/gl1(N3879), Kas-1(N3880)

Growth requirement: none