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The European Arabidopsis Stock Centre


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  • Bernd Weisshaar CeBiTec (Center for Biotechnology), Faculty of Biology, Bielefeld University

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GABI-Kat was initiated at the Max-Planck-Institute of Plant Breeding Research and generated more than 90,000 T-DNA transformants for the accession Columbia (Col-0). Seeds of single lines (T2 seeds from T1 plants) were harvested, and genomic DNA from T1 plants was extracted to produce FSTs from their insertion sites by a linker-ligation-PCR based approach. The FST data were then mapped to the genome and the results have been made available both via the internet at the GABI-Kat site, and as a bulk download.

In addition to the T3-sets that contain confirmed insertion alleles, also lines with predicted (but not experimentally confirmed) insertion alleles are made available. Obviously, these lines/insertion alleles are NOT confirmed but are donated on the basis of predictions. However, the in-house confirmation rate at GABI-Kat is about 80% which indicates that there is a good chance to confirm the predicted insertion allele after ordering a T2-stock. The T2 stock should segregate wildtype, heterozygous and homozygous offspring plants. You need to confirm and genotype these offspring individuals.

GABI-Kat lines available to order at NASC

The GABI-Kat T2 lines are now available via NASC at standard user fees (standard fee per line) to the international research community.Search the NASC catalogue for the GABI-Kat name e.g. "GK-664H10" (including the quotation marks).

Nascodes allocated to GABI-Kat T2 donation


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