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The European Arabidopsis Stock Centre

JIC Activate lines

Donated by

  • Caroline Dean Department of Cell and Developmental Biology, John Innes Centre

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Activate collection

The activate collection are a population of Ds activation tagged lines donated by the John Innes Centre. Flanking sequence has been obtained to postulate the insertion position within the genome.

Details of lines

Flanking sequences were obtained from transposon lines by IPCR or TAIL PCR from the 5' and 3' end of the AT-Ds (in many cases flanking sequence will only have been obtained from one end due to fragment length).

All lines supplied should be carefully checked by PCR. This will confirm that the insertion is carried within the line supplied, confirm if the line is homozygous or heterozygous for the insertion, and provide DNA templates for sequencing the ends of the transposon (confirm that the 200bp inverted repeats at the end of Ds are intact). Most importantly this will ensure that you do not waste time in the event that the insertion is not maintained.

The activate collection was generated using Tn113(Ds starter line) X Tn25(Ac transposase lines).