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Baker Ds Cre-lox

Donated by

  • Barbara Baker The Plant Gene Expression Center
  • Cathy Corr The Plant Gene Expression Center
  • Brian Osborne The Plant Gene Expression Center
  • Joshua Levin Division of Biology, California Institute of Technology (Caltech)

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Baker Ds Cre-lox

Transformed with T-DNA lox-Dslox comprised of: CaMV 35S - lox (pairs of lox sites recombine site-specifically in presence of Cre transposase) - surA,B (chlorsulfuron resistance) interrupted by a Ds element, so that the existing line is chlorsulfuron susceptible. The Ds element contains CaMV 35S - bar (PptR gene, conferring phosphonothricin resistance), a lox site adjacent to a promoterless AAC (encoding gentamycin-3-N-acetyltransferase, conferring gentamycin resistance). The Dslox construct is in R orientation; supF from yeast; Nos-NptII (KanR gene conferring kanamycin resistance). Combined phosphonothricin, chlorsulfuron selection after crosses to Ac line (N8110) confirms transposition events. Gentamycin selection after crosses to Cre line (N8111) confirms lox-lox recombination with potential chromosomal rearrangements.

Other Information

  • clone name: lox-Dslox
  • construct type: cre-lox_recombination


  • Osborne, B.I., Wirtz, U. & Baker, B. 1995. A system for insertional mutagenesis and chromosomal rearrangement using the Ds transposon and Cre-lox. The Plant Journal 7(4):687-701.PubMed ID: 7742862.