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Wave lines DNA

Donated by

  • Niko Geldner Département de Biologie Moléculaire Végétale (DBMV), Faculté de Biologie et de Médecine, Université de Lausanne

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Wave lines DNA

This collection has wave lines distributed as DNA clones, for wave lines distributed as seed stock go to Wave lines Seed.

Wave lines, a set of distinct subcellular markers with spectrally distinct, fluorescent fusion constructs- provided as DNA clones and vectors. The set provides an easy way to screen for distinct subcellular localization patterns and provides stable, non-toxic expression in transgenic plants. The constructs are under pUBQ10 promoter. The pNIGEL recombination vectors on which these constructs are based allow the generation of fusion constructs by CRE-lox recombination, using the pUNI ORF collection of the SSP consortium.

GenBank numbers for the pNIGELs

  • pNIGEL 07 : FJ493465
  • pNIGEL 17 : FJ493466
  • pNIGEL 18 : FJ493467
  • pNIGEL 19 : FJ530950
  • pNIGEL 09 : FJ524330
  • pNIGEL 11 : FJ524331
  • pNIGEL 13 : FJ524332
  • pNIGEL 15 : FJ524333
  • pNIGEL 16 : FJ524334


The final marker constructs are available in four colors Blue (mCerulean), Bluegreen (mTFP1), Yellow (YFP) and Red (mCherry). It means there are 21 different genes, available in 4 colors: 84 clones in total. The nomenclature of the constructs is, for example: Wave 131C, Wave 131T, Wave 131Y or Wave 131R, the last letter indicating the different fluorophores.

Growth requirements in bacteria

  • For bacterial selection of stocks N781520 to N781603, use a final concentration of 50µg/ml Kanamycin.
  • For bacterial selection of pNIGEL recombination vectors (N781604 to N781612), use a final concentration of 100µg/ml Ampicillin.


This collection contains DNA clones and vectors, all distributed as bacterial stabs. These stocks can all be ordered individually or as a complete set (all 84 clones + vectors) N781613.

Nasc code Description Stock contents
N781613 The complete wave line DNA collection (84 clones +pNigel vectors) View set contents

Individuals producing these lines

Niko Geldner, Valérie Dénervaud Tendon, York-Dieter Stierhof, Ulrike Mayer, Derek L. Hyman, Joanne Chory

Compliment slip and Plate Layout for the wave plate N781613

Compliment Slip and info

Plate layout for Wave plate


  • Geldner, N., et al. 2009. Rapid, combinatorial analysis of membrane compartments in intact plants with a multi-color marker set. The Plant Journal 59(1):169-78.PubMed ID: 19309456.